Our goal in creating YouWear was simple: give our community the most sustainable activewear out there without sacrificing even an ounce of stretchy comfort.

  • High Stretch Active Fabric
  • Recycled Fabrics

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YouWear's main fibre is made from 100% recycled post-consumer garments

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This sustainable fabric can be recycled time and time again, creating a circular lifecycle

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Produces 80% less CO2 emissions than other polyester fibres

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Made in a closed-loop process that creates less need for new, virgin materials in the world

For Anybody and Everything

Circular Fabric

So buttery-soft you might not believe it’s made from recycled garments. This circular process creates less need for new, virgin materials in the world.

Upclose of tentree's upcycled polyester.
Woman sitting cross legged with her eyes closed.

For Movement...or Not

Made to support movement and everything else that makes you feel like you. Things like hopping on a spin bike, learning to knit on the couch, and making time for meditation.

All in the Fit

Cut to hug your curves, just the way they are. We made YouWear for real people moving in all kinds of ways.

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Trees Planted to Date