trees will be planted in Madagascar

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Cisco IMPACT and tentree have partnered up to reforest Madagascar

Together, Cisco and tentree are planting for a stronger, more sustainable future.

175,000 trees will be planted in Madagascar

Madagascar is tentree’s largest tree-planting project. By planting coastal mangroves and native tree species, Cisco will help provide hundreds of jobs, restore wildlife habitats, and bring environmental education to ensure communities can thrive for generations to come.

The impact of tree-planting in mahabana, madagascar

Fish Lords, and escaping indentured servitude

Fish lords were renting fishing boats for a share of the fisherman's daily catch. But fish numbers had fallen so much fishermen couldn’t catch enough to pay the fish lords. Almost half of the villagers were trapped in indentured servitude. By using the additional income from tree-planting, villagers were able to escape poverty and pay back their debt.

Building schools for a new generation

Through employment at our planting site, the local community has been able to fund and build elementary schools for their children. This allows the once poverty stricken village to invest in their society, and forge a better and brighter future for the next generation.

Supporting a growing, and thriving village.

Before our planting project began in Mahabana, the village had roughly 200 people. With diminishing resources, the village was losing labourers to more prosperous areas. Now, with more promising opportunities like tree-planting, Mahabana has grown into a thriving village of more than 600 people.

Return of habitat and wildlife

Due to mangrove deforestation, coral reefs and habitats were severely degraded. Fish, and crab populations dwindled from habitat loss, and the villagers were left without sources of food and income. By planting mangrove trees, we restore ecosystems and habitats. Since we started planting, the fish, and crab populations have begun to flourish once again.