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Cotton is the soft and comfortable material that’s beloved around the world. Organic cotton is made sustainably and responsibly, so the planet feels just as good as you do while wearing it.

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the situation

Due to unsustainable methods, conventional cotton farmers are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins on a daily basis.1 Conventional cotton is one of the most resource-intensive crops to grow, leading to high levels of pollutants.2

the impact

The textile industry relies heavily on cotton to make garments. Conventional cotton production uses up to 16% of the world’s insecticides, and 6.8% of herbicides.3 Farmers risk their health handling these toxic chemicals, endangering their lives and the future of their families.

our solution:
organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown with minimal use of harsh chemicals, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for farmers and their families.4 This also prevents toxins and pollutants from entering natural resources.

3 reasons we love organic cotton

cleaner world

Minimal harsh chemicals are used, which reduces water contamination and pollution, keeping waterways safe.5

cleaner clothes

Organic cotton clothing is safer to wear for even sensitive skins.6 Its light and comfortable material lets you feel good naturally.

Cleaner Conscience:

Farmers work in safe, and clean environments without exposure to harsh chemicals. Workers are then able to invest in families’ futures and education by living healthier lives.7

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