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Protecting the planet is a big job, but luckily we’ve got help. This Earth Month, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite Planet Partners to get you in the sustainable mindset and help us plant more trees than ever. Our Planet Partners are changing how we think about everyday things like food, sports, and housework to protect the world we play in. With their help, and yours too, we’re looking to shake things up and get the world thinking a little greener, one environmental-ish step at a time.

APRIL 2021


The Footprint
of Food

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Why Zero Waste
is the Future

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Plastics Suck

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and Sustainability

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Going Green
in Your Home

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The Footprint of Food

Why Nature’s Path? Nature’s Path is making organic food accessible while protecting and regenerating farmland. With immense care for the planet, Nature’s Path uses sustainably farmed ingredients that don’t only care for the soil but leave it healthier than before. Learn more about Nature’s Path.

Want to learn about how food systems can benefit people and planet? Read the blog.

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Why Zero Waste is the Future

Why Pela? Pela’s mission to create a waste-free future isn’t so different from ours. We’re both trying to make the world a better place, one environmental step at a time. By using sustainable technology to create tech accessories, Pela is reducing the world’s plastic production — one phone case at a time. Learn more about Pela.

Want the scoop on reducing your waste through composting? Read our blog.

What we’re doing together. Pela is committed to planting 10 trees for every phone case sold on their website from April 8 - 14, up to 150,000.

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Single-Use Plastics Suck

Why PATH? PATH is on a mission to solve one of our planet’s biggest collective addictions: plastic water bottles. Their PH-balanced water comes in aluminum bottles that can be used time and time again, keeping plastic out of our oceans. Learn more about PATH.

Read our blog on the impact of single-use plastics.

What we’re doing together. We’re collaborating with PATH on a limited edition Earth Month bottle that plants 10 trees and keeps you hydrated and plastic-free. PATH is celebrating the launch by planting 100,000 trees with us!

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Sports and Sustainability

Why Wilson? Sports and sustainability don’t always go hand in hand, but Wilson is looking to shake things up. This Earth Month, Wilson is launching a sustainable tennis racket and pushing the boundaries of conventional sporting goods. Read our interview with Wilson Sports.

How are professional sports doing when it comes to sustainability? Find out on our blog.

What we’re doing together. Drumroll please… Wilson is planting 1 million trees with us for Earth Month and planting 2500 trees for every one of their new sustainable rackets.

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Going Green in Your Home

Why Tru Earth?Tru Earth started with a simple thought: there has to be a less wasteful way to do everyday things. Their space-saving, eco-friendly laundry strips revolutionized the way we think about cleaning products and packaging waste, making laundry day something to look forward to. Lean more about Tru Earth.

Want the low-down on the chemicals to avoid in your household cleaning products? Read our blog here.

What we’re doing together. We’re launching our very own tentree x Tru Earth laundry strips to planet-proof your laundry days! Tru Earth is also planting 250,000 trees and one tree for every item sold on their website from April 29 - May 6.