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hemp clothing

Our hemp fibres are sustainably made, ethically produced, anti-microbial, and longlasting. Made without harsh chemicals while saving water, your wardrobe just got a whole lot greener and friendlier.

naturally anti-microbial saves water

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Hemp Clothing


from the earth to you

our product life cycle


in Canada with love

Hemp Harvested

organically grown in China


ethically crafted in China


your new friend arrives

Better with age

hemp softens with washing

Back to nature

minimal environmental impact

All our products are made with 100% recycled, organic, or responsibly sourced materials

Our goal is to become to the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet. We don’t just want to reduce the negative impact of the apparel industry, we want to use it as a vehicle for change. Our purpose is to revitalize our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same.