Masks & Face Coverings

Protect the planet and protect yourself and others at the same time. Our face masks are sustainable and help us rehabilitate our earth.

Stay Safe (and Sustainable)

From the Tomorrow Mask’s unique tie closure to the Protect Mask’s elastane ear loops, each of our masks offer closure styles that’ll keep you safe and comfortable. What’s more, both styles have space for an optional internal filter.

High Quality and Reusable

We hate waste — so we made these face masks as reusable as possible. Each reusable face mask in our collection comes pre-washed to protect against after-wash shrinkage, with added space for a filter in the middle.

Earth-First Through and Through

Our fully biodegradable Tomorrow Masks feature 100% organic cotton with no added dyes or plastics. Looking to interrupt landfill-bound waste? Try our upcycled Protect Mask, which features upcycled materials like hemp and recycled polyester.