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ladies juniper

$68.00 USD
The juniper is a 220 gsm, 60% organic cotton/40% recycled polyester regular fit pullover hoodie. It features a forest silhouette yoke print, and is the perfect addition for any avid forest lover.

Foxhole Hoodie

$75.00 USD
A trendy, augmented everyday hoodie. A 3-panel colour blocked design is complemented with cork drawcord tabs and branded patch. Slip into comfort with this environmentally focused fleece made of soft, organically harvested cotton and sensible recycled polyester. Every tentree product purchased is complemented by ten trees being planted. As part of our progressive approach, we implemented a tree registry program...

Snug Hoodie

$90.00 USD
Outside is where you want to be, make sure you enjoy it. This hoodie is made with a warm and perfectly thick Sherpa style recycled polyester. Made extra practical with a 3 snap, placket hood collar and front pouch pocket. Finely accented with our branded tentree cork patch on the hemline. At tentree our mission is to revitalize the planet...

Adventure Hoodie

$85.00 USD
A raglan styled hoodie that is ready for any journey that awaits. Made with a comfortable recycled polyester velour fleece, it has just the right amount of warmth. Featuring cork logo patch in the hemline and cork drawcord tabs so you can feel good while you look good. A front zipper pouch adds a touch of distinct style while keeping...


$68.00 USD
Get a flawless everyday look with the Banshee! A cowl-neck hood, raglan sleeves, and a plush pouch pocket complete this pleasing pullover. The eco-friendly style is highlighted by organic cotton, recycled polyester, and cork drawcord accents. Progression and empowerment! Every item you buy will create a transformation in our environment. Ten trees are planted for each product purchased. With your...


$64.00 USD
A soft, comfy everyday hoodie. Perfectly warm with a standard fit and front pouch pocket. This heather fleece pullover hoodie is stylishly accented with repurposed cork drawcord tabs. We have updated a classic design with a new, environmentally inspired design. Blended with a smart combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester.At tentree our mission is to revitalize the planet and...

Barrel Constellation

$64.00 USD
Cool evenings were made for this plush pullover hoodie! Our classic fit and feel is completed by a tentree logo with an astral twist. The starry infill augments the look, and is sure to turn some heads. The inclusion of cork drawcord tabs finely accent the overall appearance. Made with an eco-driven combination of organic cotton, and recycled polyester. At...


$68.00 USD
The Goodwater is a 60% organic cotton / 40% recycled polyester and 220 gsm hoodie featuring a woven jacquard patterned fabric pocket and hood liner. Intended to reflect your wild side, this striking design will be your goto for any journey.

Women's Aspen Half-Zip

$70.00 USD
A regular fitting, half-zip hoodie that is surely the pinnacle of style. The funnel styled neckline along with the accenting cork drawcord tabs and zipper pull set it apart from the rest. Made with an eco-focused blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. At tentree our mission is to revitalize the planet and impassion change. With each purchase, ten trees...

Mountain Lights

$64.00 USD
Stay outside and appreciate every evening with this go-to hoodie! Soft, warm, and comfortable, with a starry-night mountain graphic that sets the tone, and catches the eye. Made with a purposeful blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Finely accented with cork drawcord tabs featuring the tentree logo. We are inspired by positive change, and recognize the impact each one...


$75.00 USD
Cozy up in this stylish cowl neckline hoodie. Made with a combination of ultra comfortable and ultra sustainable materials including, organic cotton and recycled polyester. This everyday option gets an eco boost with a cork logo patch and cork drawcord tabs. Every tentree product purchased is complemented by ten trees being planted. As part of our progressive approach, we implemented...

Treescape Zip-Up

$68.00 USD
A classic fit zip-up hoodie with a nature inspired pattern all-over. The leafy design sets the whole hoodie apart and adds distinguished style. The overall look is brought together by the tentree details, such as cork drawcord tabs, and branded cork patch. Made soft and comfortable with recycled polyester, and organic cotton. At tentree every product is packed with positive...


$68.00 USD
Get elevated in this comfy pullover with a striking mountain skyline and sleek cork drawcord tabs. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials – 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester.

Growth Logo Hoodie

$64.00 USD
A warm pullover hoodie that is uplifting and awe-inspiring! Featuring an artfully rendered tentree logo decorated with a foliage theme design, it is a great go-to option. The cork drawcord tabs give a unique, nature inspired upgrade. Made with a super comfortable blend of organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Progression and empowerment are at the forefront of everything we do....

Botanical Goodwater

$66.00 USD
Fun and fashionable, this regular fit hoodie adds a bit of flare to a standard pullover. The front pouch pocket is covered in a leafy botanical graphic that matches the hood lining. The flash of colour and style makes this a unique everyday option. A small tentree logo decorates the upper left of the hoodie. We have a passion for...

Poplar Hoodie

$74.00 USD
Let the adventure begin with this warm, comfortable hoodie! A cross-style neck and small branded medal emblem give this shirt subtle charm. We love the outdoors as much as you, so we decided to use one of the most highly sustainable and eco-friendly materials around– hemp! We blended that with responsibly sourced, organically harvested cotton for a hoodie that is...

Basic Zip Hoodie

$70.00 USD
A classic fitting zip up hoodie. The colour-contrasted body and sleeves add noteworthy style enhancements. Cork drawcord tabs add environment focused accents. Complemented with a small tentree chest logo. Soft and easy to wear with a sensible fabric blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. We are inspired by positive change and recognize the impact each one of us can...


$80.00 USD
This is one cool hoodie! The high collar modernizes the style and keeps the elements at bay. The drawcord and zipper are accompanied by cork tabs. Dual front pockets complete the look, with a branded metal accent on the left side. Our environmentally progressive approach is highlighted through the incorporation of highly sustainable hemp, and soft organic cotton. At tentree,...

Women's Barrel Hoodie

$70.00 USD
Our definitive hoodie. With a classic pullover design and feel plus an eye-catching tentree logo on the front. This hoodie gets an eco-friendly boost with cork tabs on the drawcord as well as the blending of organic cotton and recycled polyester used in its creation. We are inspired by positive change and recognize the impact each one of us can...


$68.00 USD
230 GSM Regular Fleece, 60% Organic Cotton 40% Recycled Polyester, Regular Fit Hoodie. A hoodie that is hip, cozy, and highlighted with some excellent detail. Most notably, the thoughtful design on the front pouch and hood-lining that ties the whole look together. Accented with branded cork drawstring tabs and raglan sleeves. Progressively made with organically grown cotton and carefully selected...