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101 Cider

We've planted 20,000 trees!

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4.3 tonnes of CO2 removed

10 days of work provided

5 acres reforested

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Hello I’m a propagule!

I was planted thanks to 101 Cider and am currently growing into a healthy mangrove tree. I was chosen to plant because I am one of the world's most effective trees at sequestering carbon. As well, my planting is supporting communities, providing jobs, rebuilding damaged coastlines, and restoring important habitats for fish and ocean life.
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Why This Project Matters

While you may relish in the thought of an ice-cold beer at the end of the workweek or a full-bodied glass of wine paired with good company, many of us might not consider the impact our favourite alcoholic bevy has on the environment as we fill up our glass. At 101 Cider House, we recognize the toll that alcohol production takes on our planet, and we’re on a mission to get back to the earth and do things differently.

Our Commitment as a Company

Like anything else we consume, alcoholic beverages require their fair share of natural resources. To produce alcohol you first need to grow natural ingredients like grain, sugar cane, potatoes, and rice. Each, in turn, requires a significant amount of land, water, fertilizer, and machinery to harvest. These key ingredients are often grown as line crops that are unfortunately directly linked with soil erosion and the desertification of fertile land worldwide. Add in the carbon emissions emitted through production and transportation, and the impact really starts to add up.

With this knowledge, we’re committed to using less to make a positive impact. Our natural cider production method uses less water, less energy, and even creates less waste, which is 100% biodegradable, we might add, since 97% of our ingredients are grown on trees. It’s our mission to keep things completely natural and prioritize the health of our planet in our production. As an added bonus, the finished product is raw and alive but does not require refrigeration. The end result is a unique naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage!

Go Green, Drink Fermented Tree Fruit!

Our natural, wild-fermented ciders are made with 100% fresh-pressed, raw apple juice and skip the apple concentrate and added sugar you’re probably used to. We believe in taking things a step further when it comes to protecting the natural resources Mother Nature so kindly gives us, and for each 4-pack you purchase, 101 Cider House will plant a tree on your behalf. Get back to the earth and make a difference when you indulge in a buzz that’s healthy for you and the planet.

Where We're Making an Impact


A Massive Impact

Big change starts small. All of the trees we're planting with tentree are now impacting communities around the world. Here is an approximate impact on communities:

Mangrove Planted To Date = 20,000

It provided:
10 hours of work

Carbon Sequestered =
4.3 MT Of CO2

That's the same as:
6,425 round trip flights London to New York

Land Area Reforested =
5 Acres

That's the same as:
400 studio apartments

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