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What do I have to do to become climate+ as a business?

First we’ll ask you for your current employee headcount. From there we’ll calculate how much CO2 your employees create in a year, along with the amount of trees needed to offset their footprint and the cost to cover the tree planting.

Is there a cost to become a climate+ partner and what does it cover?

Yes. Your investment will cover the cost of tree planting, maintaining, protecting and monitoring the trees growth.

Will we be featured on your social channels?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be called out on our social channels. That’s not to say that it can’t happen!

Over what period of time does our employees CO2 emissions represent?

The average US citizen emits roughly 20 metric tons of CO2 in a year. Trees sequester CO2 over 25 years but we want to plant enough trees to sequester the CO2 by 2030.

How does the math work? Where are you getting these numbers from and how can I trust that they’re accurate?

We have a dedicated team who specialize in these type of calculations, and who are also working with the Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute’s Cool Climate Calculator. Carbon sequestration calculations for the trees have been sourced and cited from various case studies in areas where the planting is taking place.

Are we provided with any kind of assets or content to share?

Yes, we will be providing partners with content that they can share on their social channels so they can shout loud and proud about becoming climate+. Additionally, partners will be called out on our climate+ partnership page, where we include the impact you’ve made as a business, along with a link to your website.