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Hemp. The fiber that’s been there for you all along. Durable, resourceful, and cleans up after itself.

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the situation

Soil improves food security, helps combat climate change, all the while hosting a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity. But it is depleting fast. At the current rate, the world’s healthy soil will be gone in 60 years.1

the impact

The apparel industry uses unsustainable methods to farm conventional fibers to keep up with global demand.2 As a result, the eroded soil releases greenhouse gas. Our global emission levels could increase 30% by 2050.3

our solution:
hemp fiber

Compared to conventional cotton, hemp produces more material for less. It can produce 1500 pounds of fiber per acre, whereas cotton produces only 500 pounds per acre.4 Hemp requires less water and land space, helping us maintain the world’s supply of healthy soil.5

3 reasons we love hemp

Soil Restoration

Hemp can naturally restore soil fertility and prevents soil erosion.6

Saves Water

One kilogram of cotton can require at least 9,900 litres of water to produce while one kilogram of Hemp only needs 2,200 litres of water.7

Light on Harsh Chemicals

Hemp is grown with very minimal use of pesticides or toxic chemicals.8

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