The Stanley Park Brewing’s Hazy IPA helps reforest areas affected by BC wildfires

Together, you’re helping us reforest areas affected by BC wildfires

plant 170,000 trees

Reforesting areas affected by BC wildfires will help restore soil from erosion and burn scars. The damaged ecosystems will have a new chance of survival, and opportunities to thrive. Communities once displaced can rebuild their livelihoods and their futures.

the trees will be planted in elephant hill, bc

Elephant Hill is a provincial park in Ashcroft, BC. Once abundant with Douglas Fir, Yellow Pine, Spruce and Larch trees, the 2017 wildfires burned roughly 192,00 hectares of land, and left only forests of blackened and charred trunks.

Meet Bill!

Bill is the regional tree planting manager and a local to the Elephant Hills area. He met with us and our partners at Stanley Park Brewery to help bring to light the immense devastation from the wildfires.

“if we leave this site it will take 40 to 50 years to reforest naturally”


Planting is hard, but you can easily help

Purchase any tentree item and we will plant ten trees. Who knew planting trees would be this easy?

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